Building a Chatbot Is Easier Than You Thought

Learning how to build a chatbot is about realizing that it isn’t a work of artificial intelligence. What seems like a complicated computer learning program is merely a longs day’s worth of (human) work. Nothing represents this more than chatbots.

A chatbot is an automated program that helps convert website viewers into promising leads, deals with customer emergencies or feedback, or acts as a customer service intermediary during business off hours. Make no mistake. You are the one directing the chatbot’s conversations.

Warning, while creating a bot is quite easy, there are a fair amount of steps. Before you begin building your bot’s message, you must select your medium – either your website, social media or both.

It’s now time to choose your program. Valorous Circle uses Zoho, although here is a list of other reputable chatbot programs.

Whichever program you choose you’ll need to devise a content strategy. It would be best if you answered why you are building a bot and what questions it will need to explain.

Pull from your internal resources on how to answer these questions. Sales, marketing, and customer service representatives will know the most as they interact with the customer base daily.

When building a chatbot, it’s best to give it a personality.

After all, your bot is an extension of your organization so it should present itself as another member of the team.

Some businesses use stock imagery and real names while others add a comedic flair with company logos or mascots and punny nicknames.

Don’t overthink and spend vast amounts of time on this step. Viewers are looking for answers to questions and may not even read the bot’s name.

Crafting a welcome message is a more constructive use of your time and also sets the tone for all other messaging.

How does your messaging come across, you ask? By building a chatbot script full of possible responses.

How to Build a Chatbot

    1. Develop a Content Strategy
    2. Select Medium
    3. Select Chatbot Program
    4. Give Your Bot a Name
    5. Craft a Welcome Message
    6. Build a Script
    7. Add Calls to Action
    8. Test Your Chatbot
    9. Prepare Your Sales Staff
    10. Publish


Your script, flowchart, tree, or whatever you wish to call it is the most time-consuming part of your chatbot setup.

Sample Scripts

The finishing touch on all scripts should be a handoff to a live individual. A salesperson is by far more valuable to a company when they know what pain points to discuss ahead of time. Run through tests of your chatbot to make sure you’re getting the relevant information. Before publishing, prepare your sales team about how your chatbot’s calls to action will impact their routine.

Now it’s time to publish your chatbot.


Learning how to build a chatbot can take some time, but it’s worth every minute if your sales staff converts a lead in a fraction of it.

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