How to Find Employees with A Modern, Responsive Website

If you asked the typical management team at a manufacturing company if they needed a new website, you would likely hear a resounding “No!” They are usually content with their older website and don’t believe they can justify the investment in an update. These same organizations may even operate at full capacity with little or no need to attract new business nor sell any products online. Why then would they need a new website?

Websites go way beyond just marketing your products or services. A website can and should be an asset, not an expense. Some other capabilities sites allow employee training, recruiting and managing internal projects.

For example, consider a very successful multi-national tool and die company that has eight locations around the globe, hundreds of employees in the United States, and decades of successful operations.

As you can imagine, this company did not rank new business relationships as a top priority. Thus, its management felt their old, non-responsive, and slow website served its purpose. However, the need to attract qualified applicants to fill open positions was still critical to them.

The company posted openings on various job boards, but when interested job applicants went back to their website to learn more, they found an old and slow site. The company lost credibility in these applicants’ eyes because they wondered why such a large and successful organization couldn’t afford to have a decent website. Applicants retreat when it becomes clear employers don’t know how to find employees beyond search boards.

As our nation’s workforce becomes more tech-savvy—from millennials to those nearing retirement—it continues to be important to appeal to your audience. They will likely want to work for an innovative company that isn’t behind on the times. Any company in any industry has a chance to present themselves as cutting-edge.

While this particular company was satisfied with the website they had, they realized that it did not impress anyone with its design or usability. They soon recognized the importance of taking the necessary step to update their website to attract the top talent. They didn’t want a brand new site because they needed to find new clients. Employers want a website that best represents their brand, so when potential applicants did come to the place. They are impressed and see the benefits of working there.

Have you been holding off updating your website because you don’t need any new clients? Hopefully, you now understand that websites can do far more than just market or sell. To learn more about a website’s capabilities and how a new one could benefit you, give us a call today!

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