How Optimizing Our Facebook Ad Campaign Nearly Doubled Our Conversion Rate

Optimizing Our Facebook Ad Campaign

We recently had the opportunity to help a client build and run a successful Facebook ad campaign. We created and gathered all the content and imagery that we needed and set up the ad to begin. For the first couple of days, the ad performed well, but not up to the level that we had hoped it would reach. Thus, we went back to the drawing board and made some necessary changes.

Facebook Ad Campaign Image

1. We changed the target audience. While setting up the ad, we chose a location-based market to target and added some age parameters. We still had room to narrow and narrow we did. By changing the focus to an even smaller range of ages, our click-through rate went up.

2. We slightly adjusted the ad copy. At first, we tried using creative language to produce a “wow!” factor. When we saw that our numbers were down though, we decided to update the copy with more direct language. We provided the necessary details while still catching people’s eyes, and this too led to an increase in our click-through rate.

3. We changed the landing page people arrived at by clicking on the ad. Finally, we made some key changes to our landing page. We reordered some of the content to have the most important information above the fold. Again we removed some of the “wow!” factor-type language and uses simple, direct language. We also added additional images, as people respond and engage far more with visual content.

All of these changes almost doubled our conversion rate, but the most important takeaway is the importance of reviewing and testing results. If we would have set up the Facebook ad campaign and let it run its course, we would have missed out on a lot of sales. By paying attention to our results and taking a chance on reworking some of our content, we surpassed our goals.

Do you have a business, product, or event that you want to market? A Facebook ad campaign offers the opportunity to get it out in front of people who you know will be interested—and we can help! Give us a call today at 616.929.0790.

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