Does Your Blog Have More Value Than Social Media?

Is a blog considered social media? No. A quick check of the news feeds lately, and you’ll know that social media is under fire. Facebook’s recent data scandal disaster cost the company billions in two days. YouTube ‘stars’ are being boosted for posting highly divisive vlogs and Twitter bots are running amok. Companies need to turn to a better source of information dissemination.

It’s true. You need some form of social media if you want to be successful. But you shouldn’t rely on social media to be the sole form of releasing your website’s posts, pages, specials and offers.

That’s right, the best option to tell your side of every story was right in front of your nose this whole time. And it’s not a reciprocal relationship. Blogs are better than your business’ Facebook page.

Is a blog considered social media?

Blogs are your online space to share as much information with your current and future audience as you wish. You can plan, map out and take your time with blogs. Social media is often reactionary, filled with ‘hot takes’ while playing fast and loose with facts.

Blogs give your site a sense of legitimacy that even a blue check mark can’t conjure. Every business has at least one employee or owner with expert knowledge of the company. Content calendars keep your blogging schedules in check while you can use Facebook and Twitter to tease the release of these works.

Sometimes there are no alternatives for releasing blogs and vlogs via social media. The newness of specific sites might mean a higher barrier to entry for new readers and viewers. Google won’t be ready and indexed to find your blogs and vlogs, which is where social media is necessary.

For more established sites, however, blogs act as landing pages, not for localities but ideas. Search engines incline to rank sites that update more frequently higher.


Once your site gains footing – with indexes and sitemaps – a simple search on Google will trump what randomly appears in someone’s news feed.

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