An Introduction to YouTube Video Marketing (01)

Welcome to our YouTube Video Marketing video training course. This course will help you scale your YouTube marketing efforts this year, and bring success and followers to your brand name. This video course is designed to give you the most practical and time tested guidance, on how to plan and execute your YouTube marketing strategy this in 2022. There are eight videos in this course. The videos are designed to be short and impactful so you can learn one key thing that you can do to be successful with your YouTube video marketing.

  1. Video one: YouTube 101 Success HD video training.
  2. Video two: Overview of a successful YouTube marketing strategy.
  3. Video three: Guide to creating profitable YouTube ads.
  4. Video four: SEO tools for better YouTube marketing.
  5. Video five: Understanding the YouTube algorithm for better marketing.
  6. Video six: How does YouTube count views?
  7. Video seven: How to use YouTube analytics to grow your channel?
  8. Video eight: How to build a community on YouTube and build a loyal following. 

Ramp up your YouTube marketing strategy! Use the YouTube practices and strategies shared in our training course to ramp up your YouTube marketing strategy.

It’s important to have a good grasp on your marketing platforms, including the backgrounds and usage patterns of the audiences on them. Understanding the platform, in this case YouTube, allows you know which tactics are right for your brand, and your bottom line.

Thank you, for watching! See you, in the next video lesson. 

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