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At REI Toolbox, we really are the done for you marketing solution for real estate investors real estate. Helping them attract, and I use that word with, with, you know, heavy quotations and emphasis around it, attract people to them. Verse the traditional ways, which many still kind of think are the only ways to find deals in this industry.

And that is to blow people up with cold calling, cold texting, you know, shotgun marketing style. Bandit signs all over the place or the, the splatter effect of direct mail, um, you know, trying to just, just find that needle in the haystack, so to say.

So welcome to the 91 Days Podcast, where we talk to successful business owners and marketers from across the nation and find out a bit about them and also what they would do if they had 91 days and a thousand dollars and we’re forced to start over. So today, uh, it’s my pleasure to be introducing Shawn Tiberio [00:01:00] and have the chance to talk to Shawn.

Shawn and I know each other through, uh, a number of masterminds that we’re a part of. And I want to thank the opportunity today to just have Shawn share a little bit about his business and what he does and how in particular, in his niche, how he helps his customer. So, Shawn, as if you would, I guess to me feel free to add anything, but as c e O of REI Toolbox, tell everybody a little bit about what you guys are doing and how you’re helping your real estate investment clients Really.

Well, first, Jonathan, thanks for having me on the podcast. I, I really appreciate it. Um, I’ve come to learn a lot from you, so it’s, it’s awesome to, to kind of be on here and, uh, be able to share. But, um, a little bit about REI Toolbox and, and about us. Uh, I come from the, the real estate investing world. Uh, shortly after getting outta the Marine Corps, I spent 10 years in the Marine Corps After getting done with school, um, I, I went back to Northeast Ohio.

I really knew nothing. . You know, when I say I knew nothing, I knew nothing other than just blowing things up. That that was my [00:02:00] job in the Marine Corps and I stumbled into this world of buying, renovating, fixing, flipping homes. And from the year 2012 to just about 2019, we blew that up. Um, we were doing all kind of.

You know, deals in, in multiple different states. And I quickly realized there was one key component that led to our success, and that was my ability to find highly motivated deals, find highly motivated, uh, you know, opportunities attract the right, uh, home sellers to us. That were kind of the perfect fit that had the right, you know, product, in this case, a distressed property.

And in 2019, I was shifting a little bit still, I still to this day invest in real estate, but, uh, I was shifting a little bit and getting more into the, the consulting space. I had a lot of other real estate investors out there that were coming to me saying, Hey Shawn, how are you doing? What you’re doing? , I wanna learn more of that.

And it always came back to they were really good about putting a deal together. They were really good about analyzing the, the deal numbers. They were good about [00:03:00] finding lending and getting that port, you know, that in place they could find the contractor, but they, they struggled with, and quite frankly, what they sucked at.

Was finding the opportunities. Mm-hmm. and I constantly was pushing them over to a good friend of mine who was handling a lot of our digital marketing. Uh, we were kind of an early adapter of the digital space in the real estate world, 20 13 20 14. and all of a sudden this idea of what is now today, REI Toolbox, uh, was, was birthed.

Roger looked at me and he said, Hey, you keep sending me people left and right. Why don’t we just partner up and not just consult anymore, but actually have more of the, the done for you model? And that’s what morphed, um, late 2019, early 2020. We all know what happened in the early days of, of 2020. Uh, kind of played right into our favor, to be honest.

Everything changed in the real estate space the way. Can handle deals the way that you find them, the way that you negotiated with sell. All that stuff kind of shifted, went really heavy on the online side, and none of [00:04:00] them were prepp. Uh, for it. So, REI Toolbox, we really are the done for you marketing solution for real estate investors, real estate agents, helping them attract, and I use that word with, with, you know, heavy quotations and emphasis around it, attract people to them.

Verse the traditional ways, which many still kind of think are the only ways to find deals in this industry. And that is to blow people up with cold calling, cold texting, you know, shotgun marketing style. Bandit signs all over the place or the, the splatter effect of direct mail, um, you know, trying to just, just find that needle in the haystack, so to say.

We, we’ve taken a different approach. We really have taken the, the traditional, you know, search style marketing and brought it into the real estate industry where we know the homeowners that are stressed in a bad situation. They’re going online, they’re trying to figure out the answers. They’re trying to figure out what their options are, and we really help our clients show up for [00:05:00] those get ranked, obviously.

But, uh, more importantly, give them a, a well-rounded digital front to be able to handle that. That lead all the way from inception, right from the second that, you know, the, the Jonathan or the Shawn or the whoever is sitting at home at two o’clock in the morning stressed out that their house is about to get foreclosed on, or they just inherited a home in a state that they know nothing about and want nothing to do with.

And how are they? Uh, get rid of that. So well-rounded, full service, digital, uh, everything from their website development or SEO ppp, C uh, and then even into their, their, you know, sales, sales and marketing alignment software. Uh, to be able to help move that, that lead through, uh, close process. Oh, that’s amazing.

And, and without giving away any secrets, I’m not asking for that. But Shawn, how do you help that real estate investor or that investment group, how do you help them create that credibility? I mean, obviously I think most of us understand search and making sure that they’re there when [00:06:00] that homeowner or that property owner is searching.

That next step I think is where so many people get confused, which is, okay, how do I now create enough credibility that that homeowner, that a property owner engages with me? How do you guys do that? education. Um, and when I say education, I’m talking about the, our clients, educating the sellers. Uh, there, there’s a saying in the, in the real estate space that, uh, sellers are probably one of the, the most confused, um, one of the most kind of crazy when it comes to knowledge.

And it’s not because. , they’re, they’re, um, you know, weird in that way. It’s, they’re, they’re lack of information to the, the actual seller. Take today’s market as the example, right? We’re shifting away from what was a highly seller market. You mm-hmm. me, whoever. If we had a decent house that was [00:07:00] somewhat Liv.

and we put it on the market. Up until a few months ago, it was pretty much just a matter of hours in most markets before you’d start to see offers rolling in. Why? Because there was a huge buyer, uh, pool and very, very low inventory. Well, as that shifting, sellers still today think that we are still in that style of a market where they could just kind of get away with murder, so to say.

So we really focus with our clients on teaching them, not just obviously the rank, you know, the search side of things, ranking your G B P, showing up, all that kind of stuff. That’s the technical component. That’s the part that we try to make easy for them. Get it off their plate. Sure. They don’t need to deal with it.

Let our team handle that front. However, to Jonathan, to your point, you’re gonna start now getting phone calls. You’re gonna start getting opt-ins on your website. You’re gonna start getting people reaching out saying, Hey, I need. That doesn’t mean that they’re gonna necessarily be ready to go. They’re not primed, so to say, right at that, that point, or they’re getting to the site, [00:08:00] they’re seeing things and how do we get ’em to convert?

We spend a lot of time working with them on, Hey, how do you educate? How do you educate on the nuances that are in your market? Right? How do you educate to differentiate yourself? There’s a saying in the real estate investing world, we buy houses for cash. Every real estate investor out there saying that, that’s kinda like a burger joint saying, I sell burgers.

Well, what makes Burger King different than McDonald’s? Different than Wendy’s, right? We, we take that same philosophy and that same approach. How are you, the Burger King versus the McDonald’s, or how are you, the Wendy’s versus the Burger King in your market when there’s 20 real estate investors all trying to say the same thing?

Well, are you the freshen of a frozen? Are you the whopper? Have it your way? Right? Is it, are you the, the McDonald’s with the value meal mm-hmm. , what is it that makes you d. Number one, but number two, how are you gonna help this person a, a more non-traditional route? Because that’s the other side of it.

Sellers think the only two ways that they can sell a home is [00:09:00] list with an agent. or try to do it on themselves, right, as a for sale by owner. They don’t understand that there is this third option where it’s a little bit more non-traditional, right? Cash. Maybe there’s terms, maybe they can become the bank with some seller financing involved and, and just getting creative and finding a true solution to get them out of their problem or deal with their situation versus just, you know, lose 6% in commission, sell this thing.

That’s, that’s how I was taught. Right? And that’s all I ever knew. Educating the seller, uh, is, is a very massive, you know, piece of. No, I, I appreciate you sharing that. And again, not that I’m, uh, a big investor. I think I own, uh, one property that’s not my home. But obviously that would seem to me to be the, the big thing that as an investor, I’d wanna understand how, you know, how are you gonna help me set myself apart?

Because like you said, everybody talks about, you know, we buy houses for cash and we see that all over and. That education part makes a tremendous amount of sense. [00:10:00] Shawn, do you work with customers all across the United States or do you have particular markets that you work in, or how does, how do you guys handle that?

At REI, uh, we are a complete nationwide, uh, company all the way from the islands of Hawaii through all over the United States. Um, I’d like to say that we are international. We did have a, uh, one, one client that was overseas, uh, attempting to do this. The same style, uh, of business over there. Didn’t work for them.

So, but, uh, nationwide there, there really isn’t a big difference across the country other than the, the nuance of the market, right? The, the area, certain areas. some of the, you know, go technical here for a second. There’s certain areas where super low competitive markets Sure, sure. We’ve got clients in the hills of West Virginia, but then I’ve got clients in, in Houston and Atlanta and you know, what we need to do to, to get a, a West Virginia, you know, style company to the top and to really become the best known, right?

That’s the thing that we, we [00:11:00] always say is be the best known real estate expert in your market that’s gonna be a little bit quicker of a process than maybe somebody in Houston. Uh, but we. We’ve got the team, we’ve got the services, we’ve got the capabilities to really attack any market, uh, that, that somebody’s in.

Talk to me a little bit, Shawn, about paid advertising. Is that part of what fits into an investor’s Toolbox at this point in time? And, and kind of how does that fit in if it does? Uh, I love that you used the word Toolbox. That’s why we call it REI Toolbox because it really is a, uh, a set of tools that that need to be used.

Paid is a very lucrative strategy in the real estate world, and, and here’s why. very similar to like a take a home service. For example, plumber, electrician, hvac. Mm-hmm. , right? When you need that person, it’s typically because you’ve got a problem right then and there. So when I search something like plumbers near me, it’s probably because I got something leaking or I’ve got a big problem with my plumbing, [00:12:00] you know, HVAC near me.

It’s probably my AC went out, it’s a hundred degrees today. I need that. H V A C tech. We don’t do a lot of pre-planning in, in those, you know, home services. Real estate’s the exact same. I’m not really pre-planning. Eight months from now when I go into foreclosure or a year from now when grandma passes away or my father passes away, or whatever the case might be, right?

And I inherit that property, right? I, when those things hit, it’s because I’ve got the problem today. So when I start searching and trying to figure out what my next move is, that’s a very motivated, uh, individual. So paid is a component of ours. Now, what we try to. , you know, really focus on our big strategy is really having well-rounded.

We want paid, we want organics, we want maps. We wanna be kind of suited in all three areas because we want to try to limit the use of paid traffic. Mm-hmm. , but early on, right. You wanna start just getting this, this [00:13:00] out of the gate? , that’s a a something we emphasize go heavy on the paid while we build the organic side.

Go heavy on the paid while we start to get more of your, your goo, you know, Google business profile, your map listings, help you get some establishment in your local market through joint venture partnerships and, and really get your name known locally. Then we can start to throttle that back, but we never want to get completely away from it because I go back to when, when Shawn’s sitting there at two o’clock in the morning and I can’t sleep.

because I’ve got this, this looming thing hanging over my head and I’m searching. I want to be discoverable everywhere because that’s, that’s the person that needs me right now. No, makes perfect sense. Makes perfect sense. So I’m trying to think of the next best question that, that somebody might have. , I guess talk to me a little bit about your team.

Uh, obviously I know you’ve got you and Roger and you’ve got a lot more beyond that, but if I come to you as a real estate investor, w [00:14:00] what, what? I don’t need to know how many and all that, but talk to me about the types of services that are in that Toolbox in addition to the advertising and the website.

What are some of the other things that you are gonna help me with to make sure, again, that I’m found by that audience that I want to wanna do business? Great question. So the team is definitely deeper than just Roger, my business partner, the other co-founder of REI Toolbox and myself. Um, we can handle everything you, if you came to us today, let’s say Jonathan, you just decided, Hey Shawn, I wanna get more into real estate investing.

I wanna take this a little bit more serious. I don’t wanna be, you know, running around begging people. I want to, I wanna get this discoverability right, this inbound effect. Yep. We start everywhere from basic website development, so we’ve got an entire development team behind it. through getting your content created.

So think your, your consistent blog content, your consistent Google business profile postings, these type of things. We’ve got an entire writing team to help handle all of that, that writing [00:15:00] for you all the way through into our paid side of things, ppp C, social media. We’ve got our paid managers, um, that, that manage that aspect of the campaigns as well as our technical seo, um, team, and that entire structure, that’s the basis of it.

The the what makes us unique compared to some of the others that are out there or just going and saying, okay, whatever, Shawn, I can go fire up a website at Godad or Wicks or wherever the case. We obviously, you can tell listening to me, I know the real estate industry well, absolutely. Um, that’s a big, unique piece.

I’m still in this real estate world today. , just like I was in in 2012. Uh, I’ve been all over this country speaking and, and teaching at different real estate seminars and real estate events. Uh, I keep my thumb on the pulse like crazy of what’s going on in real estate because like I said, I still today invest in real estate, help invest in real estate lineup deals for others, these type of things.

That’s the unique component to us. But [00:16:00] what we’ve done is taken that a step deeper and every single week we run a training. For those, those clients that we’re working with them, their team, uh, their, their partners, their VAs, whatever, whoever they want to be on those, those calls. Right now it’s on Wednesdays, every Wednesday.

Think of it like a mini webinar, but I’m on those calls. I’m teaching, I’m answering questions. I’m help facilitating, uh, I’m taking an idea and help creating a campaign out of that or helping, uh, this particular individual who’s trying to figure out how to streamline a. Streamline that. So not only do you get the done for you technical component, , but you also have this, this wealth of knowledge, this wealth of information, myself, Roger.

We bring in different individuals from time to time to continue to help develop and teach the more business side of things, right? As a real estate person. Mm-hmm. , whether you’re an agent investor, what we like to call the hybrids, right? The ones that are playing both sides. They invest, but they also do traditional real estate listings.

Kind of that, [00:17:00] that education piece to help move you along, guide you to the next stage, um, you know, in your. Well, very cool. Very cool. I love the fact that you guys are really bringing an, an all-inclusive Toolbox to me so that I don’t have to, I don’t have to work with 12 different vendors. You guys have got a, a package and a solution that, you know works and we just need to implement that for my, my business, and that’s, that’s fantastic.

We’ve even recently brought in some of the, uh, offline, right? So getting away from the technic. Digital side of things, we’ve brought in some different offline components cuz I, I still believe direct mail as the, you know, use that as an example. Direct mail is still very effective. Sure. When launched correctly, right?

Mm-hmm. , we don’t just want to take a random neighborhood and blanket the neighborhood with every door direct mail, but if we had a very strategic list and we, we do a couple things with that, and we play a more campaign game where we’re attacking ’em from a digital standpoint, but also attacking ’em from their mailbox, [00:18:00] you know, a, as a combined approach on this campaign.

Mm. . So we have recently brought in some different services, uh, you know, software that is available to our clients that, that they have that at their fingertips. So really trying to create that entire Toolbox as you kind of put it, where once you come, it’s not about trying to figure out what are all the other components.

It’s all here now. It just, we need to figure out what needs to be implemented based on your goals, what you’re trying to do. Right? How many projects are you trying to have in a, in a year? What’s your investment strategy? These type of. . Very cool. So I, this may or may not be a question you, you want to go for, but talk to me if you can, if you’ve got a crystal ball that you can look into.

Obviously as you mentioned, the real estate world’s changing. Yes. From your perspective and, and your experience, Shawn and I, I guess I’ll let my opinion. I, I’ve always believed that change equals opportunities. Those opportunities may be change, may be differing. In other words, the opportunity today may look different than it looked a year.

[00:19:00] what’s your perspective as you look at real estate investing over the next year to two years in particular when a lot of people are predicting it, becoming, you know, uh, higher interest rates hard, harder to borrow money, harder to sell stuff. What type of opportunities do you think that’s opening up in the investment arena for real estate investors?

it’s opening what I, I call the, the playground for the investor. Um, this, what we’re shifting into and what we’re seeing in my personal opinion, is very similar to what I experienced 2012 to about 2014, 15, maybe even into the early 2016 period. And that is the, the, the traditional selling and buying. Shawn just wanting to sell his house, move into another one traditional buyer, buying that home through the market with the, with the real estate agent.

We’re gonna start to see that. Slow down it. I don’t think it’s gonna crash. Sure. I’m not saying that we’re ever gonna see the, the 2000, you know, 6, 7, 8, 9 window again, but you are [00:20:00] gonna start to see, with interest rates climbing, people aren’t gonna necessarily wanna borrow. They’re not looking at just moving from one house to another.

However, what that opens up for the investor is a massive playground because who’s still buying? , it’ll be investors. Yeah. We’re not afraid of, of 9, 10, 12, 14% interest, because that’s typically what we borrow money at when we’re playing, you know, in, in the investment arena with hard loans, quick loans, these type of things, right?

Private investing, those type of strategies are still there. Now, what will change for the investor, right? So the playground’s gonna be open, meaning there’s gonna be a lot more inventory to go after. Mm-hmm. , you’re gonna be able to move faster. For that seller that does need to sell the person that’s gotta move out of town, uh, you know, job, whatever the case needs to downsize.

Uh, I, I’m emphasizing foreclosures a lot with our, our clients. Sure. We’re gonna see the foreclosure tick up a little bit, right. In comparison to what it’s been the last few years. But what changes for the investor in these next couple months and, and as we look, you know, [00:21:00] maybe a year, year and a half from now, is the exit strategy.

Mm-hmm. . This is the unique side of the real estate world. If I was dealing with just a plumber or an HVAC or you know, a, a carpet company or whatever, the pressure washing companies they’re looking at, you know, reoccurring revenue from the exact same client. Meaning, right? If I can get this client today, and I’m a pressure washing company, how many pressure washes can I get outta them in the course of the year?

How many different things can I sell them on maintenance? This kind of stuff, right? Lifetime value of that person. real estate, there’s a, there’s no lifetime value in that, that transaction, it’s one time, right. Jonathan, you sell your house to me as, and I’m the investor. I can only make money off of you one time.

Mm-hmm. , however. Mm-hmm. . It’s the strategy that I play after the fact that either is gonna make me quick cash. Wholesale the property to somebody else. Flip that to, you know, on the market. Rehab it, get it back up, flip it at a little bit higher price, make a margin or what I see being more [00:22:00] popular here in the future Rentals.

holding on. Mm-hmm. renting. Yeah, refinancing this thing out because again, as an investor, if I’m cash flowing and I’m paying nine, 10% on my mortgage interest, but I still make a positive cash flow with rents. Cause we’ll see rent rates go up. Absolutely go up. Right. I don’t care. I could play that game for a couple years and as interest.

Turns around because everything that goes up must come down, right? Interest will start to drop. I can refi again. Or you know what, when values climb in a couple years, again, I can liquidate at that point, you know, offload. So the, the strategy on the back end is what’s really becoming, um, Kind of the difference maker, what’s really becoming fun in this, this shift in market, uh, on it.

And that’s where I go back to when you’re the best known real estate expert in your marketplace, you, you’re not tied to one strategy, right? You don’t know just exactly one thing. I can now leverage a lot of this knowledge and help my seller. , maybe become a little bit [00:23:00] better off in this, this situation.

Mm-hmm. , which is gonna better me because we can together play a really unique game. This is where a lot of creative financing comes in, and now it becomes a win-win, win. Everybody’s happy, who cares what’s going on with the, the, you know, market as far as values, interests, these type of things. There’s always a solution in the real estate.

Oh, I love that. And and I think it really, to me, Shawn, that really cements why it’s so important as an investor that I’m trying, they need marketing like everybody else, but why it’s so important they work with someone like REI Toolbox. Because you obviously understand that market. You understand what they’re doing and the opportunities that are available to them, which means you can be more nimble in their marketing and making sure that they’re showing up.

In the deals where they wanna show up as opposed to the deals that were great six months ago, but may not be today. Uh, that’s, that’s fantastic. No, well, I really appreciate you sharing that with me. That’s, that’s great. Um, I’m gonna ask [00:24:00] before we’re done here, how people get in touch with you. But before we do that, Shawn, as I mentioned, one of the things that we’re starting to ask is we go into the new year with everybody we’re interviewing.

If you had to start over, cuz we know there’s a lot of people out there and right now that are thinking about either starting their own business or, or heading out on their own for the first time. If you had to start over, Shawn and I said a couple rules. Um, I’m gonna give you a thousand dollars in cash.

I’m gonna give you 91 days and you, you get to keep all of your knowledge and all of your experience. What you don’t get to do is you don’t get to go borrow extra money. Uh, you don’t get to go get an angel investor. If I said, you’ve got a thousand dollars and, and you’ve got 91 days to figure out how to build a business, that’s gener gonna generate.

At least 10 grand a month in monthly recurring revenue, not just top line, but monthly recurring revenue. What things would you look at in the first three months, that first 91 days? What would you look at doing if you had [00:25:00] to start over This, this is a, I’m gonna try to keep this answer short, , because this is No, do it.

Do what you want. That’s okay. This is a interesting one here. 10,000 in monthly reoccurring, and I have a grand in 91 days, uh, to pull it off, first off, um, my, my go-to is gonna be, I need to get as many opportunities coming at me as possible. Um, so I would definitely encourage, or I would be pushing a little bit towards a, a decent page.

because I want to, I want to get some traffic coming to me as fast as possible. However, with that being said, I would go hardcore knowing what I know now. I’d go hardcore on the education side of, of the table, think organic, uh, educational type. marketing. Mm-hmm. value-based marketing. Mm-hmm. tell people what they can do.

Tell the opportunities. Right. So if I were to step into a market today, um, some of the first things that I love telling our [00:26:00] clients to try, because I know they work like crazy, is start running educational events Right. In the, in the digital world. Right. Is is digital agencies, you mm-hmm. myself, we run a lot of webinars.

I, I use webinars to educate investors. On topics that we can then help them out on. Right? The same’s true in, in that, that local area, you want a fast way to become the best known, get to the front of the room. So I would spend a lot of time getting involved in as many local organizations that I could, getting my name out there offering to put on educational type events to help.

uh, educate the, the people in the, in the local communities. I, libraries love to give rooms away for free. Mm-hmm. because they want bodies in libraries, especially today, right? As, as more absolutely have gone digital and, and, and online hope. Go to your local library, get a free room, and get some different messaging out to the local market and just start teaching on what’s, you know, I’d start teaching like crazy on what’s going on in the real estate space.

What does the real estate industry look like? What does the, [00:27:00] the, you know, uh, average times on days, you know, days on. In, in this market, what’s the interest rate look like in this market? What’s the closing period look like? What are the biggest problems on deals falling through? You know, why? Why do homes go pending?

And then, you know, fall outta contract. Educate, educate, educate, educate, and just establish yourself as that kind of go-to. Because once you become the go-to, I personally feel like opportunities land on your, your. Almost daily at that point. Makes sense. If I’m going for the, the, the m r game, I gotta play in the rental space, right?

Because I need that cash flow coming through, right? Yep. So I would immediately start looking at where are my B to B plus neighborhoods, right? I don’t wanna stay, I wanna stay away from a’s they’re typically higher price points. Sure. . I don’t want to be down in that CD range. You know, maybe a C plus to a to an A minus pocket.

Those are typically my more affordable homes that have really good, solid rents, have long-term tenants coming in. That’s the area that I want to attack, and I want [00:28:00] to try to get as many of those, you know, cash flowing assets under my control. Yep. You know, if, if, if I wasn’t allowed to go raise any more money to buy these properties, then I’m going hardcore on the creative side.

How do I make Jonathan or Shawn or whoever Sure. The lender on his own property, and there’s some really creative ways that we can do that helps them out, helps us out. But that would be my, my attack. First things first would just be, I’m, I’m going hardcore. . Yes. I want put a little bit of that money towards paid cause I wanna buy some traffic.

Sure. Right. Quickly get some, some fire going. But the second step would be go heavy in your local area, become the expert. Chamber of Commerce, Kowanas, uh, rotary Clubs. You know, I, my, my clients laugh when I say these names cause they’re like, what the heck can Kowanas do for me? Kwans has nothing to do.

Connections. Business. Kwans actually was a bus, it was a men’s business organization. They were looking for a way to be philanthropists and, and give back. Mm-hmm. well, getting involved. Right. Give back to your community. But through [00:29:00] that, it’s like, who’s this Shawn Guy that’s out here at these meetings? Well, Shawn happens to own this.

you’ll create relationships, you’ll create the opportunities. Go heavy on the educate, educate, educate, educate, teach, teach, teach. Right? And then I’d start getting really creative with how can I get assets under my control to, you know, start to, to bring in monthly reoccurring, to build that up to to 10 k.

makes perfect sense. No, and I, I think that’s a, it’s a great plan and I know we’re, we’re really limiting what options you’ve got with only a thousand dollars, but I think what you, you’re mentioning to me, it really resonates because what you’re saying is become that expert. And when you’ve got people out there, especially in a changing market, like you’ve got a real estate, now you’ve got people looking for somebody who’s gonna stand up and go, look, I’ve got some answers and I’m willing to share my knowledge.

And I would think that would bring just a tremendous number of opportunities to you and the beauty in real estate, you only really need a handful of opportunities in order to generate that, [00:30:00] that revenue. So, uh, great, absolutely great strategy. I love it. Shawn, tell me if somebody’s watched this and, and it’s a lot of business people, a lot of them do invest in real estate.

They want to figure out how do they. Help market themselves to learn more about how to get in front of the right deals, what’s the next step they should take to get involved? And just to learn more about REI Toolbox and what you guys do. So we have a, a ton of free stuff out there. Um, For, for this purpose right here.

Those, uh, training calls that I was talking about earlier, we don’t just run those for our, our, um, active clients that that weekly Wednesday call is really open to anybody that wants to get on and, and learn. A lot of our clients are on there because that’s how they’re continuing to d you know, sure.

Develop and, and move their business forward. But we have a lot of non. That join those calls. And for that reason, you know, to, to learn a little bit more, number two, to see a little bit more about us and better understand who we are as a company and, and these type of things and what we’re able to help them with.

[00:31:00] But, uh, all, all they need to do is just reach out to us here at REI Toolbox, REI Toolbox.com. You can hit the chat bot. We’ll get you that, that link. We do have a Facebook group that we can get you into. Uh, it’s open to, to anybody that wants to be part of that. Shoot me a message. I’m at Shawn Tiber in just about every, uh, social platform, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok are my, my big ones that I, I pay more attention to.

Uh, but then we’ve also got YouTube videos out there on our YouTube channel. Um, both my personal Shawn Ibero channel and REI Toolbox channel. So a plethora of, of ways for people to, you know, learn and, and get some things going. Uh, but then if they ever wanted to get started with us, , we, we take a very consultative approach to it.

We’re gonna schedule a call, we’re gonna get on, we’re gonna look at what’s going on in your market, you know, who the big competitors are, what’s it really gonna take? Uh, we’ve got multiple different packages based on where, where your fit, you know, from a budget standpoint, but also what your goals are, uh, where we need to get you.

So, a lot of different ways [00:32:00] to, to kind of get going with us. Awesome. When we’ll go ahead and add a contact sheet at the end, Shawn, with all your information so people can click on that and find that. We’ll also put information down in the description, so if you’re watching either this entire podcast or any of the shorts, uh, either on YouTube, Instagram reels, Facebook reels, wherever they may be showing TikTok, check down in the description, we’ll have links to Shawn and REI Toolbox.

Everything he does. Shawn, I really wanna thank you for your time today. I know you’ve got a gazillion things going on. Uh, I appreciate the time we recently just had in Miami where we had an opportunity to chat. But, uh, really wanna thank you for taking the time to come on today and, uh, share what you do and how you help others.

So thank you so much. I appreciate it. Thanks again for having me.